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Bathtubs are an important centerpiece for any bathroom. The style of your bathtub influences how the rest of your bathroom appears. But just because you have a small space, doesn’t mean you should ever be limited to how your bathroom appears. Today we will be discussing how different colors and styles can easily transform your bathroom into the perfect fit for your home.

Bathtub types for small spaces

Bathtubs come in many shapes and sizes which means you have plenty of options to choose from. Just remember that different types will require different spacing to fit so it’s important to understand your space before choosing.

  • Freestanding tub-Freestanding bathtubs are bathtubs that are supported by their own weight, giving you the freedom to place them anywhere in your bathroom. While traditional freestanding tubs are quite large, there are numerous styles such as soaking tubs that allow you to install a freestanding tub in a small area.
  • Corner bathtub-A corner bathtub is a bathtub that is anchored by two walls, forming into a corner. This affords a great deal of space and usually means that corner tubs are generally more rounded in nature to fit this space more easily.
  • Shower + bathtub combo-A shower bathtub combo is a bathtub that has a shower installed alongside it. This provides a bathtub with the versatility of both a bathtub and a shower while saving a great deal of space.
  • Clawfoot bathtub-A clawfoot tub is a variant of a freestanding tub. Clawfoot tubs come in a variety of sizes, from large to small, allowing them to fit just about any space.
  • Alcove bathtub-Alcove tubs are bathtubs that are surrounded by walls on at least three sides. The front or outer side that is not attached to a wall will have a tub apron that is characteristic of all alcove tubs.
  • Undermount tub-An undermount bathtub is a bathtub installed underneath a rim or recess connected to the surrounding floor structure. This style is popular in bathrooms that are quite small as it allows you to have a visually attractive bathtub while still affording you a great deal of space as a result.

12 Examples of Bathtubs for small spaces

A freestanding bathtub for the modern bathroom. A contemporary freestanding tub provides you with the no-frills quintessential freestanding bathtub for your home. While a freestanding bathtub may seem too large for a small bathroom, below is an example of how the right bathtub can make a small space seem modern.

Following a minimalist approach, just about any bathtub can fit into any space-making both the bathtub and the space around it appear larger than it actually is.

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1. Periwinkle Clawfoot Bathtub

A classic clawfoot design that matches well with any modern or classic home. Below are a shower and bathtub combo that fits well into any home. Bathtub shower combos are great additions to any bathroom as they help provide the flexibility of both a shower and bathtub, which is crucial for bathrooms limited in space. The bathroom pictured below is not exactly a large bathroom, but it manages to fit all the necessities, helping to create a classic bathroom aesthetic.

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2. Corner Bathtub

A great bathtub to complement any small space. Corner bathtubs are great bathtubs for changing the style of a bathroom. Corner bathtubs are necessary for small spaces as they are one of the smallest bathtubs available. But as you can see below, a small space doesn’t mean you need to give up on style. A small corner bathtub can help create an inviting and stylish attraction as long as you pair it well with the rest of your bathroom’s colors and vanities.

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3. Modern White Undermount Tub

A modern bathroom for a smaller space. Modern bathrooms are about creating a futuristic and sleek aesthetic that blends well with any space. The advantage of modern design is that they will always look to save you space. While the look is a bit different from classic bathroom designs, just having all modern fixtures can provide a great answer to fitting a full bath in a small space.

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4. Mint Green Alcove Bathtub

A splash of color to bring life to your bathroom. While the color white is a common fixture in a classic bathroom, it can be dull and lifeless without any additional amenities or fixtures. Something as simple as adding color, like the mint green bathtub pictured below, can do wonders for bringing your bathroom to life. Especially in a small bathroom, colors tend to stand out much more and make a small space seem larger than it actually is.

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5. Bathtub & Shower Combo

A perfect solution to a bathroom with limited space. With any bathroom, space is a premium. Pictured below is a bathroom that manages to fit all the basic bathroom amenities along with a washer. This is an excellent use of the space as the bathroom doesn’t feel cramped even if the space is fairly small. A bathtub and shower combination is always a great addition to a small bathroom as it helps to retain all the functionality of a full bath without sacrificing function or aesthetics.

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6. Oval Freestanding Bathtub

A freestanding bathtub for any bathroom that wants a touch of modernity. Oval or spherical freestanding tubs are a great addition to any home that wants a touch of modernity in addition to saving space. An oval or spherical shape is much easier to fit than the traditional rectangular drop-in tub and can help create a more modern bathroom feel. Below is a great example of blending a freestanding bathtub and a shower space together which helps to create both a classic and modern feel to space.

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7. Drop-in Bathtub & Shower Combo

The perfect addition to a small space. A drop-in bathtub and shower combo are one of the most common shower combinations. Ideal for bathrooms with limited space, this combination is proof that you can have all the shower and bathtub functionality in even a cramped space. As space is limited in the picture below, proper use of the space helps to ensure that a guest doesn’t feel cramped or claustrophobic. A drop-in shower and bathtub can help make a small space feel like a full bath even for those limited on space.

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8. White Freestanding Clawfoot Bathtub

A classic look for a classic bathroom. A freestanding clawfoot is a classic bathtub for a reason. Freestanding bathtubs help to provide a greater deal of flexibility in terms of style. As pictured below, the bathtub can appear modern, retro, or classic depending on the environment. Below, we have a more classic approach, with white walls and beige tiles. The lack of color means that the bathtub will blend perfectly with its surroundings, giving you a more classic feeling bathroom.

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9. Elegant Acrylic Alcove Bathtub

An alcove bathtub provides a perfect escape from the workday. While an alcove bathtub is usually installed to save space, below is an example of an alcove that works with the space available. Excellent use of the vibrant whites and the gold plated vanities make this bathroom appear elegant and vibrant with a bathtub that is more limited in colors. This is an example of using your space to help compliment your bathtub’s shortcomings so only the positives remain.

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10. Corner White Freestanding Bathtub

Freestanding bathtubs are a flexible and welcome addition to any bathroom.In a modern bathroom such as this, a corner bathtub keeps the bathroom’s modern appeal while saving space. In a bathroom where space is a premium, a corner bathtub is always a great option. This bathtub shows the flexibility of a freestanding bathtub in providing a modern centerpiece and a great functioning bathtub.

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11. Small Freestanding Bathtub with Wooden Floors

Nothing beats a classic small freestanding bathtub. Wooden floors help to provide a more rustic feel to any home. In a contrast, a small freestanding bathtub, such as the one pictured here, helps to provide a touch of modernity. This is proof that you don’t need a large bathtub to provide a large statement in your bathroom.

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Tips to think about when choosing a bathtub in small spaces

When choosing a bathtub for a smaller space, here a few things to consider before you purchase a new tub.

  • Make sure you measure the space-It is crucial that you measure your bathroom before purchasing a new tub. Measuring out your space ensures that you understand the maximum size of the bathtub your bathroom can handle.
  • Stick to your budget –While it may be tempting to buy the most attractive bathtub on the market, remember that a bathtub is just one part of your bathroom. Pick a bathtub that is within your budget and leave some flexibility for any bathroom additions that may come along.
  • If you are hiring a professional for installation-With the reality of COVID-19, remodeling jobs have become a bit of a hassle. Remember to take certain safety precautions such as face protection and safe distancing when interacting with professionals. are a bit trickier.

As you can see, a small space does not mean you need to compromise on a great bathtub. There are plenty of great options for small spaces and while it may take some work, you can transform your bathroom into a quiet oasis away from your long day.

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