What are the Best Kitchen Cabinet Pulls? (2023)

What is the best cabinet pull for kitchen cabinets? What are the best kitchen drawer pulls?

Well, we get these open-ended questions so much that we thought we should dig into it a bit and give you our take.

First, before we can consider what is the "best" cabinet handle, we have to find out what you mean by the "best"? Are you referring to the best cabinet pull as far as the quality? Or, are you looking for the best kitchen cabinet pull style for a particular cabinet design? Maybe you want to know what is the best finish for cabinet hardware. Or which cabinet pulls have the best warranty or maybe you equate the best with the most popular.

The word "best" is pretty subjective, isn't it? And just like all things of beauty, it's in the eye of the beholder.

We know that when you are considering cabinet hardware, you will consider such things as the style of the pull, the quality, the design, the reputation of the brand, and of course, theprice.

Let's talk about PRICE of cabinet hardware for one moment:When it comes to cabinet hardware, "the best" doesn't mean the most expensive. In fact, we sell solid, quality hardware from reputablecompanies at a fraction of the price than you find on Amazon or Wayfair.And, our hardware is equal to or superior to many of those "name brands" sold at those big box stores like Lowe's or Home Depot.

So how do we consistently sell quality cabinet hardware cheaper than those big box stores and online giants?

It's simple, really. We don't have to pay "seller" fees that those

online giants charge for selling on their platform, and we don't have all the

overhead expenses that come with brick-and-mortar stores. We sell

direct to you, our customers, and keep it simple and manageable

and THAT keeps all of our cabinet hardware way cheaper!

So with that pro tip about our prices out of the way, let's talk about the best kitchen cabinet pulls on the market. Taking into account our sales, customer feedback, and our reviews, we examined all of our cabinet hardware to devise this list of the best kitchen cabinet pulls on the market.

We all know that in the end, selecting "the best" of anything will always come down to personal preference, we believe that with our expert knowledge, we can address the question of the best cabinet pulls.

Here is our list of the best kitchen cabinet pulls.

What is the Best Kitchen Cabinet Cup Pull?

What are the Best Kitchen Cabinet Pulls? (1)

Diversa Brushed Satin Nickel Cup Pull

You can't go wrong with the simplicity of a cup pull on cabinet drawers. Sometimes referred to as a shaker pull or bin pull, we think that when paired with knobs or pulls, the cabinet cup pull gives a balanced look to kitchen cabinets and drawers. Cup pulls generally come in the 3" and 3-3/4" hole spacing, so they are the perfect size for standard cabinet drawers. If you want more information on choosing the best size pull for your cabinet drawers, check out ourultimate guide for choosing drawer pulls.

What is the Best Arch Pull?

What are the Best Kitchen Cabinet Pulls? (3)

Cosmas Flat Black Subtle Arch Cabinet Pull

When it comes to design, it's the little touches that can pack a big punch. A simple, subtle arch or bend in a cabinet pull provides some interest to the overall design without being too bold. The extra space created by the arch pull also allows for easier gripping. The Cosmas 2363 series of cabinet pullsperfectly blend modern and traditional. The series comes in various finishes and sizes, so finding the right look for your kitchen cabinets shouldn't be too challenging. We think that the 2363 arch cabinet pulls are the best on the market!

What is the Most Durable Cabinet Hardware Pull?

What are the Best Kitchen Cabinet Pulls? (5)

Cosmas 161 Series Thick Euro Style Bar Pulls

Heavy-duty cabinet pulls are a must for high-traffic kitchens with busy families. The 161 series by Cosmas are substantial, thick cabinet pulls that are easy to grasp and clean. These gorgeous pulls come in seven different stunning finishes that coordinate easily with various cabinet styles and colors. The 161 series of pulls also come in many different sizes, including the extra-long appliance pull for those longer, wider cabinet drawers, wine fridges, or pantries. The durability of these girth-y cabinet pulls is only matched by their beauty!

What is the Best Kitchen Cabinet Bar Pull?

What are the Best Kitchen Cabinet Pulls? (7)

Diversa Euro Bar Pulls

Euro bar pulls, sometimes called standard bar pulls, are a great choice for kicking up the charm in your kitchen. The Euro-style bar pulls by Diversa are solid metal so they are wonderfully durable and an excellent choice for color, quality, and style. And, no, you don't have to be in Europe to appreciate these beauties! Why do we think that these are the best bar pulls out there? Well, Diversa sells gorgeous, well made, superior cabinet hardware for a fraction of the price of those other name brands, all of the pulls come with (2) screw sizes, and are super high quality! We love the lush finishes of antique copper, brushed brass,gold champagneand antique brass.

What is the Best Glass Cabinet Pull?

What are the Best Kitchen Cabinet Pulls? (9)

Cosmas 6393 Series Clear Glass

For some show-stopping glam, you can't get much better than the Cosmas glass pulls. The 6393 series features 3" center glass pulls that measure 4-5/8" overall. And yes, these are REAL glass, no acrylic here, so they won't go foggy or scratch up. The solid glass piece is super durable and is perfect for kitchens or vanities. We love the clear glass pull when it is paired with the brushed brass base (as seen in the pic), but these glass cabinet pulls are just as stunning in oil rubbed bronze, black and satin nickel.

What is the Best Birdcage Cabinet Pull?

What are the Best Kitchen Cabinet Pulls? (11)
Dynasty Hardware Birdcage Pulls

Birdcage pulls really add interest and pizzazz to kitchen cabinets. The Dynasty birdcage series impressively marries styles and functions. These easy-to-grasp and easy-to-clean birdcage pulls by Dynasty Hardware come in a variety of finishes and sizes. The unique birdcage style looks great in Spanish, Italian, Colonial, or other traditional decors, and we think that these birdcage pulls are the best.

What is the Best Craftsman Kitchen Cabinet Pull?

What are the Best Kitchen Cabinet Pulls? (13)
Cosmas Craftsman Cabinet Pull

Nothing says "Craftsman" quite like a hammered pull in the oil-rubbed bronze finish. Cosmas has a great line of Craftsman hardware with various hammered and decorative pulls, knobs, and backplates. Coming in an array of classical finishes, the dimpled texture of the pull simulates a hand-forged metal. It hearkens back to the days of blacksmith iron. For that reason, these "hand forged" simulated pulls blend terrifically into Arts and Crafts, American Colonial, Traditional, and Craftsman decors.

What is the Best Contemporary Sleek Cabinet Pull?

What are the Best Kitchen Cabinet Pulls? (15)

Cosmas Modern 11244-128FB Kitchen cabinet pull

Slender and sleek, smooth and solid, these gorgeous pulls by Cosmas Hardware bring a modern design to a classic style. These cabinet pulls have narrow understated lines making them incredibly stunning in simple design motifs like contemporary or modern. We love that these slim-lined cabinet pulls come in an array of popular finishes, from classic oil-rubbed bronze to the wildly popular brushed gold. Modern and contemporary? Yes, but we think that in any setting, these pulls are sure to please!

What is the Best Decorative Kitchen Cabinet Pull?

What are the Best Kitchen Cabinet Pulls? (17)Dynasty Hardware P-8718-10B

Dazzling and decorative, the Dynasty fluted cabinet pulls put a twist on tradition. These sturdy solid metal pulls feature a fluted center that is easy on the eyes and the hand! We love the panache that the fluted pulls bring to brighten up cabinet drawers and kitchen doors. Offered in some classic finishes and sizes, the fluted pulls by Dynasty are a charming cabinet hardware addition.

What is the Best Traditional Style Kitchen Cabinet Pull?

What are the Best Kitchen Cabinet Pulls? (19)The Diversa Trinity Cabinet Pull

The Trinity series by Diversa is a classic cabinet pull with a hint of contemporary chic! We love the versatility of Trinity cabinet pulls and even hesitated to classify them as "traditional" because of how adaptable they are to any design. For example, the lush antique copper Trinity pull looks stunning in country kitchens, whereas the black or satin nickel shines in more transitional or contemporary kitchens. We love these solid metal size cabinet pulls design and weightiness almost as much as their beauty!

What are the Best Appliance Pulls for Kitchen Cabinets?

What are the Best Kitchen Cabinet Pulls? (21)

Cosmas 305-673 Appliance Pull

The Cosmas 305 series features standard Euro style pulls. They are solid metal and come in an array of finishes, so they are a great option. But, one of the best things about the series, is the sizing. The largest pull in the series is the Cosmas Hardware 305-673and it is almost 29" in total length, with two other pulls measuring at least 15" overall. That gives you a few good options for those areas where you need that extra-extra long pull, such as a wine fridge or a oversized pots and pan drawer.

What is the Best Inexpensive Cabinet Hardware?

What are the Best Kitchen Cabinet Pulls? (23)

Well, that is an easy one! ANY of the cabinets pulls that are sold byDoorcorner.com!!

Did you know? We have only a few select hardware manufacturers, all of whom are grassroots American family businesses and take pride in their products - and so do we!

Every kitchen cabinet handle offered by us is of superior quality. And, if you compare pricing, you will see we have some of the best prices on the market!

We care about our customers, so let our family help your family find the best cabinet pulls for their kitchen cabinets.

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